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Graffiti Bible - A Complete Guide on how to do Graffiti

Montana Colors' latest editorial adventure is a didactic publication aimed at anyone who wants to make a start in graffiti. Produced by Eske Touborg, it combines all the fundamental knowledge of the different graffiti techniques, explained using different tools and exercises along with interviews featuring established writers from various backgrounds. The construction of letters in graffiti has certain rules and procedures common to all styles that require years of practice and self-taught research to master. The Graffiti Bible is a book that concentrates all this knowledge in 352 pages to explain the entire theory of graffiti writing. Eske Touborg, a published author since 2014 and expert of the subject, created this extensive document that demonstrates the extent of his knowledge. The fundamental nature of all this information justifies the "graffiti bible" title. 351 pages // Softcover // 300mm x 210mm // 2021


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